Canoe Hire
Eden Adventures have single, double and triple canoes for hire. These come equipped with paddles, buoyancy aids and waterproof containers for picnics, cameras etc, and a map to assist you in your decision making.

There are various waterways to explore in the area. The most popular are the Touw River and the Kaaimans River.

Please Note that should you enter the National Park with the canoes, entrance fees that may be required will be your responsibility

Touw River:
One can pack a picnic and some swimming gear and head to the Touw River Rockpools. Paddle up the Touw River through the indigenous forest, where there is an abundance of birdlife. After about 40mins of easy paddling you will reach a point where it becomes too shallow and too narrow to continue. Leave the canoe on the right hand side of the river and follow the path up onto the bank. There you will come across a boardwalk which will take you past various rock pools. Relax, swim, picnic and return via the same way.

Island Lake is about a 1.5 to 2 hour paddle down the Serpentine River. Turning right into a tributary of the Touw River, continue through the meandering reedbeds to Island Lake. About half way there, one passes under the Hoekwil road bridge. Just after the bridge the reeds become very overgrown. Push through the reeds for about 20m and it will then open up again. At Island Lake there is a picnic site on the left. Return the same way. Round trip = 4 to 5 hours. Although scenery on this route is not spectacular it is often good for birdwatching.

For those wanting to paddle to the beach, the river mouth is about 30 to 40 mins paddle from Eden Adventures. The river gets wider towards the mouth and banks become more developed, however it is still a lovely alternative.

Kaaimans River:
Although a short paddling option, there is a lovely waterfall that one can paddle to. We also offer abseiling at this waterfall.

What Must I Take With Me?
There are large splash proof buckets in the canoes to keep your belongings dry. You can use them to pack cameras, picnics etc. In fact most daypacks fit inside one of the buckets, however these buckets also act as the buoyancy for the canoe. Therefore they must be kept sealed, with the cords fastened over them.

Are “Life Jackets” Necessary?
Personal floatation devices (PFD) are recommended. All children under the age of 12 are required to wear a PFD. Please note that they are not meant as cushions.

What do I do if I Get Caught By a Strong Headwind?
If the wind picks up, make the front of the boat heavier when paddling into the wind. This will stop the bow being blown around by the wind. You can do this by putting the heaviest person in the front or by putting some rocks up in the front of the boat.

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